Andrea Sestieri receives his first game of magic when he was three, capturing its hidden meaning and passing the childhood by playing the magician. His first show saw him, a small 12 years old magician, in the magic frame of Taormina, in the “Gran Galà Del Mandorlo In Fiore", with the

passionate presentation by Michele Cucuzza where he faces a stunning audience of thousands of spectators and reveals the natural ability to be comfortable on stage.

Since then Andrea began his study of magic.
He graduated in Science of Education from the University of Rome 3 and continued his studies with a Master in Education Supervisor. As he continues his illusionist activity, he works first in public service with adults with schizophrenia and then for several years with children and teenagers with discomforts of different nature until he decides to quit and dedicate  exclusively to his favorite art: Ilusionism.

He follows courses of mime and theater, making you feel submerged in a continuous search for communication tools. Then, his training saw him engaged in technical preparation and historical studies, focused on the knowledge of the art of the great conjurers, always in search of his personal style.

He enters the world of conjurers by comparing with other wizards and learning from them. He travels to conquering stimuli and ideas to California, Las Vegas shows and the great Magic Castle at Holywood. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the Italian Magic Club.

He begins to collaborate with some of the leading Italian and international companies, specializing in big illusions, and the focus of his numbers is increasingly based on levitations.
In 2013, he participated in Italia's Got Talent television broadcast, arriving in the final with his number of levitations. For the following two years he travel the Europe by bringing his television acts between a lot of gals shows: Le Colombe D'or (France), Abano terme (Bologna) , Gran Galà Maga Circe (Terracina) Great Magic Gala (Pordenone) Merano Magic Festival (Merano) and many
other corporate and theatrical events.

Parallel to the stage of the most important theaters of the city in which he has lived for 30 years: Rome (Teatro Vittoria, Teatro Brancaccio, Concert Auditorium, Seraphicum Auditorium, Teatro Alba etc.) and between 2014 and 2016 he made and staged three different One Man Show which where all sold out for all the dates scheduled: “La (s)Cena magica, “La Scatola Magica," “Fine Primo Tempo". He is part of the Gang of Magic and in 2016 he staged for a week at Teatro Vittoria (Rome).
Then he follows, as a teacher, some magic  workshops, first for children and then for adults, especially on the representative part of the magic act.
At the same time he starts participating in various Mediaset TV programs as a guest magician and magic consultant (Pequenos Gigantes, Le Iene, C,è Posta Per Te etc.). In the New Year's Eve of 2016, he participated in "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde" with his latest act (Le Boit Misteriouse).

In 2017, he started a world tour for Costa Crociere, touching several cities between Japan, China, Korea and Russia.

After the tour starts again to bring his new number in one of the most important events in the world: the Shangai Magi Festival.

 In 2018, after the experience of Shangai starts for a new 8-month tour that sees him protagonist in over 40 countries around the globe with two new "One Man Shows" created for an international audience.
On his return to Italy Andrea continues to tread the stages of the great Italian theaters and the capital, getting sold out on each date with his latest One Man Show "AROUND THE WORLD" and participating in the program "I SOLITI IGNOTI", live on RAI1 the early evening.


Andrea gets the best out of this break and produces two new One man Shows: ILLUSIONISMI, a big illusion show ready for a one week rehearsal in Rome and postponed because of covid-19 restrictions; and I-TECH ILLUSION, after years of tests, a product unique in the world, a format in which magic and technology blend into one to generate something so far unseen.

Magic represents for him the opportunity to appear, during the show, in that parallel world where reality and fantasy blend, giving rise to unusual suggestions.



Because for magic no one is ever too old...