The journey that Andrea Sestieri performs in the ninety minutes of show together with his audience can only be defined as impossible.

A show in which the continuous challenge to the laws of physics leaves speechless. Each of the ninety minutes is a Russian roulette for the five senses, whose certainties remain undermined.

Andrea touches every aspect of illusionism, although the focus is on big illusions, in a path created over the years with curiosity and sensitivity traveling in Italy and around the world, performing in the course of his career in front of over three hundred thousand spectators.

The ability to create real technological miracles is only one of the many pieces that compose the puzzle you are witnessing, traveling with the mind anchored to the armchair. Elegance, irony and poetry, fun, romance and attention to the public that always feels at ease. It is enough to sit down for the show to begin. It seems impossible. It is.