The journey that Andrea Sestieri performs in the ninety minutes of show together with his audience can only be defined as impossible.

A show in which the continuous challenge to the laws of physics leaves speechless. Each of the ninety minutes is a Russian roulette for the five senses, whose certainties remain undermined.

Andrea touches every aspect of illusionism, although the focus is on big illusions, in a path created over the years with curiosity and sensitivity traveling in Italy and around the world, performing in the course of his career in front of over three hundred thousand spectators.

The ability to create real technological miracles is only one of the many pieces that compose the puzzle you are witnessing, traveling with the mind anchored to the armchair. Elegance, irony and poetry, fun, romance and attention to the public that always feels at ease. It is enough to sit down for the show to begin. It seems impossible. It is.

Around The World

A man in a tuxedo appears on the stage and with a careful choice of words begins to tell ... then incredible things start to happen, leaving the audience breathless.
The last two years of touring around the world told through a show, with experiences, anecdotes, meetings and small secrets that Andrea Sestieri chooses to share in this way with his audience. And to do so he uses the tools of his art, acting and technical skill, dexterity and sympathy, music and lights.
It touches every branch of illusionism in a whirlwind of surprises where nothing of what it really looks like is.

It is the special story of the last two years spent between distant lands and oceans in front of tens of thousands of spectators, enriched also by many different stories that characterize every place in which it was ...
Andrea Sestieri thus traces his long journey and at the same time he starts one with his audience, which also becomes the protagonist of this adventure around the world.
Great illusions, mentalism, manipulation and new numbers that Andrea skillfully creates or adapts without ever leaving his story, without anything being left to chance ... not the objects and the effects, but not even the words.

An important part, however, is entrusted to improvisation, inviting viewers to get on the stage that becomes his ship and the place where unexplained things happen.
So many surprises, amazement, dynamism, twists and turns.


Magic Is Back








The magic is back this time under other garments ...
A show structured as a magic variery show full of emotions that takes your breath away to the rhythm of rock'n'roll and strokes of magic wands.

Each issue, including countless great illusions, is presented with a new style specially created for the show.
A fun and evocative show, definitely one of a kind!

In the background, a 200-inch maxi screen that will allow you to follow in the smallest detail the great ending that nobody expects!

Magic Dream


Close your eyes and imagine you are in an elegant cabaret theater in the heart of Paris ... The lights go out and come back on after a few seconds to swing:
"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Magic Dream".

Andrea Sestieri creates an international, innovative and engaging show where music and stage presence substitute verbal language in a brilliant and elegant way.
Sensations, visual effects, great illusions that on the scene makes the viewer an active part of countless effects.

A show that amazed audiences from all over the world and saw some of the most important Asian cities as their stops.

End of the First Half



Andrea Sestieri creates a new show to greet his audience before the WorldMagicTour 2017/2018 that will take him to major Asian cities.

A show that moves towards greater interaction and complicity with the public! But this does not go in the graces of his assistant who tries in every way to "ruin the party"!
During the show the spectators will become accomplices of the illusionist so much to do
jealous the assistant who will try to regain his role almost lost.

Will he succeed?

The Magic Box









"Life is like a box of chocolates ... you never know what's inside" (Film Forrest Gump).

Taking inspiration from this phrase, the artist will unveil the mysterious content of each box in a magical and surreal way.

A great show, studied meticulously, that accompanies and involves the viewer in a journey that will only give emotions and amazement!

Who knows if the content of the last box will then be taken to the magnificent audience?

La (S)cena magica (The Magic Diner)

Andrea Sestieri presents his show entitled
"The Magic Dinner (Scene)",a show for everyone who enjoys and excites, making the audience feel protagonist.
"The Magic Dinner (Scene)" tells the preparation of a dinner, whose purpose is to conquer the girl of his dreams.

Viewers assist at the creative moment of every food, from aperitif to dessert and the choice of the right drink to propose. They actively participate, as they follow the wizard's mood and help him to create the unique and unforgettable atmosphere of the encounter. Every food becomes the pretext to present to the public magic phenomena and illusions.

You go from spoken numbers and involved with the presence of people on the stage with musical numbers, ranging from irony and comedy to romantic, poetic and exciting moments, always staying within the "dinner" theme.